Martes, 16 de octubre de 2007
Juliana Hatfield

Hmm... mmm... mmm...
Mmm... mmm...
Mmm... mmm...

Deepening night,
think on a time
all was bright.

Here in this dark place,
I see in your face
all is not right.

Make it, make your way home,
better than the last.
Break it, break the alone
take a second chance.


Open a window,
let in the snow,
cold is all I know.

Go to the fire,
stir it around,
there's a warmer place
for you to go.

So, make it, make your way home,
better than you have.
Break it, break the alone,
leave it in the past.

Oh, look and you'll find it,
someone wants to love you.


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My so-called life 1x15 ~ So-Called Angels
sung by the so-called angel

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