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Seg?n el genial Grant Morrison: Arma 0 estaba "clasificada"; Arma I fue voluntaria (ver Proyecto: Renacimiento); Arma II y III fueron animales (ver We3); en Arma IV, V y VI emplearon minor?as ?tnicas. Entonces encontraron los sujetos ideales para las pruebas VII en adelante: secuestraron mutantes, la escoria de la tierra (ver James Howlett, Arma X)... y as? llegaron hasta Arma XII (a.k.a Fantomex).

Ahora tenemos una nueva generaci?n de armas vivientes. Verbigracia:

Sara: What did you treat him for?
Dr. Brighton: Well Michael suffered from a couple of things. One was a condition called low latent inhibition.
Sara: Sorry, I?m not familiar with the term.
Dr. Brighton: Well, people who suffer from low latent inhibition see every day things just like you or I do, like this lamp for instance. But where we just process the image of a lamp, they process everything. The stem, the bulb, the bolts, even the washers inside. Their brains are more open to incoming stimuli in the surrounding environment. Other people?s brains ? your?s and mine ? shut out the same information. We have to do it, in order to keep our sanity. If someone with a low IQ has low latent inhibition, it almost always results in metal illness. But, if someone has a high IQ, it almost always results in creative genius.
Sara: Do you think Michael?s a genius?
Dr. Brighton: Well, I think that word?s been derogated in the media these days, but in the classic sense of the word, yes I do.
Sara: You said there was something else you treated him for?
Dr. Brighton: He came to me with absolutely no sense of self-worth. The loss of both parents very often does that to a child. But, with the low latent inhibition, something interesting happened to Michael. He became very attune to all the suffering around him. He couldn?t shut it out. He became a rescuer. One of those people who are more concerned with other people?s welfare than their own.

Prison Break 1x09 ~ Tweener


Y, sobre todo:

Aide: Scofield back in the pen. Gotta be honest, didn?t think we'd see it happen. You know he?s going to break out. It?s in his blood.
Pad Man: That's exactly what we want him to do.

Prison Break 2x22 ~ Sona


Es decir, tenemos a un individuo con un talento especial, unido a un trauma infantil que le lleva a ayudar a los dem?s... el t?pico superh?roe. A todo ello unimos una presunta manipulaci?n gen?tica para potenciar sus habilidades, lo que nos lleva al t?pico superh?roe convertido en un arma biol?gica... Avergonzado

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